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31 Mar

Vietnam’s unique heart-shaped ecolodge

(Vietnam Tourism Review) - Tam Coc Garden borders the Red River Delta, which historically, has produced many skilled craftspeople, clustered in the countryside Tonkin villages of Ninh Binh, known as "Terrestrial Halong Bay".
In the middle of Nham Valley, surrounded by rice paddies and limestone mountains, this garden of emotions prides itself on the characteristics linked to green, cultural and solidarity tourism, conveyed through the architecture and the very functioning of the ecolodge. In fact, Tam Coc Garden wishes to offer conscious and responsible travelers an opportunity to engage in authentic cultural experiences with locals in an unspoiled natural setting. Through culturally immersive activities offered at the property such as Fishing, Cooking or Bamboo Basket Weaving Classes, travelers and locals can bond through meaningful emotions and experiences that break through language barriers. At Tam Coc Garden are nestled 8 independent bungalows, each one divided into two splendid, spacious bedrooms. With an area of 50m2, the deluxe and premium rooms are individualized and have their own private terrace leading out onto the panorama of rice fields, limestone peaks or a private garden. Private gardens, in fact, overflowing with a variety of crops such as tomatoes, eggplants, herbs and papayas, were an inspiration to Tam Coc Garden's owners, who have dedicated a large area of the land to cultivate their own Tonkinese garden which not only beautifies the ecolodge surroundings, but also serves to provide fresh organic vegetables for the restaurant. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, and in tune with its natural surroundings, Tam Coc Garden is a jewel of hospitality, gastronomy and romanticism, harmoniously intertwined with authenticity. It's a place where human relationships and traditional values take precedence over service standardization.
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