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04 Apr
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Lang Sen swampland reserve – An emerging destination

OTAVN – Just 50km from the downtown of Ho Chi Minh city, Long An boasts illustrious place of interests, poetic natural landscape and manmade constructions of unique architecture that speaks for the local culture here. In addition, the province also lures big legions of tourists with its great local foods and genuineness from all walks of life.

Lang Sen swampland reserve

Lang Sen swampland reserve is located in Tan Hung district, and a mini Dong Thap Muoi that has emerged to attract both visitors and researchers from throughout the world. This natural reserve that spans over 5,000ha is a shining example of swampland ecosystem, endowed with remarkable sightseeing sites such as a mangrove, mounds, swamps, rivers and even prairies. Visitors to Lang Sen swampland reserve delight in not just its great and ever changing biodiversity and admiration of over 150 plant species cohabitating all over seasonally submerged lawns, notably malaleucas, lotuses or water lilies… but also take a glance at the hovering trail of 148 aquatic birds, a dozen of which have been included in Red List. Given its signature terrain of swampland, Lang Sen was recognized by Ramsar Convention as one of the nine Ramsar areas of Viet Nam, and the 2,227th of the world.

Tan Lap floating village. Photo: Vo Van Bang

Tan Lap floating village

Located at the heartland of Dong Thap Muoi, the village is encircled by a vast perennial malaleuca forest crossed by a mystic trail. The wood is well suited for those seeking for the untouched wild and cultural essences of the Mekong Delta. The most interesting pursuit in Tan Lap floating village is a trail of 5km, branching out extensively throughout the dark green malaleuca forest. The natural surroundings of the forest are madly loved by youngsters who keenly strike a pose, and also made a backdrop for various music videos by young singers.

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Phuoc Loc Tho old village

Phuoc Loc Tho old village

The village is open to visitors fond of nostalgic charm and interested in old norms and traditions of rural Vietnamese communities. The old village is nested by Provincial Highway 824 in Hamlet 2, Huu Thanh commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An, which weds both the charm of the riverine Mekong Delta and signature essences of the Southeast. Phuoc Loc Tho old village has a plethora of restored rafter houses of all national divisions, not to mention stilt houses of Central Highlands communities and hundreds of antiques.

Visitors to Long An can also seek for other equally captivating places of interests, including Dong Thap Muoi, the one hundred pillar mansion, Ton Thanh pagoda, Chau Thanh dragon fruit orchard or the Endless Field tourist area.

Cong Thanh

(Source: Vietnam Today 10/2021)

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