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28 Mar
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Emerging ecotourism in western Nghe An province of Vietnam

(Vietnam Tourism Review) – Con Cuong is renowned for its pristine, heavenly wilderness, such as Khe Kem waterfall, Nuoc Moc fountain, Pha Lai dam, boat rides on Giang river or a trek to Pu Mat National Park notorious for its rich ecosystem. Visitors here are to be indulged in welcoming nature, a plethora of exciting experiences and no shortage of places of interests.

In the recess of Pu Mat National Park

On the eastern side of the Annamite Cordillera, Pu Mat National Park straddles three districts of Con Cuong, Anh Son and Tuong Duon of Nghe An. Pu Mat National Park was founded in 2002, spans a natural area of 194,000 and hosts the highest peak of Pu Mat at 1,841m high.

Khe Kem waterfall

Visitors are to visit Khe Kem waterfall at the core of Pu Mat National Park. The waterfall roars down the height of over 500m over 800m-high slope. Above and on either side of the waterfall is its rich flora of evergreen plants and flowers. Afoot the waterfall lies a stretchy fountain plied with flat rocks in resemblance of huge tables so that visitors can sit down and take a rest.

An open natural and cultural treasure

To take a true insight in Pu Mat National Park, visitors may drop in the open natural & cultural museum. The museum stores best knowledge of ethnic communities in their deployment and protection of natural resources of the Western Nghe An Biosphere (registered by the UNESCO on September 18th, 2007), whose biodiversity includes nearly 2,000 animal and over 2,500 plant species. The national park also hosts large clusters of 5 ethnic minorities: Thai, Hmong, Kho Mu, O Du and Tho, contributing to the ethnically diverse culture here. The museum is also a valuable source of materials of animal and plant species to realistically do scientific researches and promote the quintessential values of ethnic communities in the park through visits and explorations.

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Boat rides on Giang river and ecotourism on Pha Lai dam

The most rewarding part of vacations in Con Cuong is to get aboard a canoe down crystalline Giang river and admire its eerie, ever-present nature.

Pha Lai dam is the largest hydroelectric plant of Con Cuong. Visitors here are able to explore distinct cultural norms of the Dan Lai in their ordinary life, listen to their fairy tales and rustic chants and melodies that exalt human bonding.

In Pha Lai ecotourist area, in addition to Giang river canoe rides, visitors can also take part in kayaking, zipline, cuisine and folklore of different ethnic minorities. There are also treks to explore within 2 hours, half a day or one day…

A must-try in Con Cuong is a plethora of traditional ethnic Thai foods, including grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled pork, five colored sticky rice, buffalo horn shaped cakes, chẩm chéo dipping sauce, steamed rice pipes, fermented leaf liquor or mát fish… These foods are all prepared by skillful and devoting Thai cooks.

Le Trang

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